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About Me

Thank you for visiting my website. As you probably know by now, name of mine is Chirag Sharma and I am an Aerospace Engineering graduate in the field of Aerodynamic Propulsion and Vehicle Performance from Carleton University in Ottawa, ON. My engineering degree (that I graduated with Distinction) gives me extensive background in fluid and thermal mechanics, mechanical stress analysis, fluid flows, airfoil theory and aircraft systems design approach. In addition to my engineering, I have professional certification in Aircraft Stress Analysis from Jean-Claude Flabel.

My experience in various jobs fill me with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I have always been very keen on working at more challenging roles that allow me to grow my skills while ensuring positive organizational growth. This website is made to serve as an extension to my CV. In this website, you shall find my work and academic backgrounds where aircraft design, component design and testing, SCADA, application development, simulation and programming and mechanical testing are some of the areas I have worked on. Along with that you shall find information on various self-directed projects that I undertake which include both my hobby and my primary areas of research focus on indoor SLAM based flight navigation and autonomous driving.

I have a huge interest in film making, web development and of course, music composing. In addition, I like to volunteer for organizations to support teaching children in parts of the world where education is not readily available.

Please feel free to send me a message to chat about future collaborations and discuss how I can make a contribution as part of your team. I am sure our chats will lead us to a long enduring relationship.

Chirag Sharma, E.I.T.


  1. Dhavalshree Khedkar Dhavalshree Khedkar

    I’m interested in robotics and am student of information technology diploma so from where to start my journey …

    • Hello Dhavalshree,
      It really depends on what field within robotics you want to go. It is a very broad field.

      Chirag Sharma

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